Travel with the motorbike in Europe

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in Adobe .pdf format to read it offline

Here you can download the whole travelogues in Adobe PDF format to read them offline. Now they are in german only. I have to translate the whole webpage first but thumbnail pictures are included. I will do my best to finish the english versions but it is not so easy...

You can download Acrobat Reader for free from Adobe homepage.

In this section I have my track data recordings for free download. You can use them for Garmin devices and Mapsorce. The data contains track profiles and some points of interest.


Travel story Scotland 2003: - PDF document for offline reading (551 KB)

Tracklog Schottland 2003: .gdb Format - .gpx Format


Travel story Loire 2004: PDF document for offline reading (not finish yet)

Tracklog Loire 2004: .gdb Format - .gpx Format


Travel story Slovakia 2005: PDF Document for offline reading (330 KB)

Tracklog Slovakia 2005: .gdb Format - .gpx Format


Travel story Normandy 2005: PDF Document for offline reading (340 KB)

Tracklog Normandy 2005: .gdb Format - .gpx Format

Alpen 2006

Travel story The Alps 2006: PDF Document for offline reading (not finish yet)

Tracklog The Alps 2006: .gdb Format - .gpx Format

GPS Software| (top)

all you need

Garmin Mapsource is not for free. It is shipped with GPS reciver from Garmin. You can get free updates for this program from the Garmin support center. you need an installaed Mapsource to use the update.

If you like to review your tracks take a closer look to "GTA - GPS Track Analysing". The author Dietmar Domin offer it for free on his homepage.

Another visualisation option is the use of Google Earth. In the base version of GE it is possible to import .gpx files and display them on the globe anf fly over it. But in the version 4.0.2416 (beta) is a little bug. You must update the gpsBabel first. Download it and then extract all files to the GE directory. If you dont see the tracks after this set the time option in GE to never.

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