Travel with the motorbike in Europe

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What is a journey without pictures, which one can regard again and again to make aqueous in order to remember in such a way, or for interested people the mouth?

I put here very many pictures down, which one can regard on my side. Scotland part covers alone approximately 1,000 pictures, which I administer over a Galeriescript. The pictures are sorted after travel days. One reaches the gallery by means of the menu on the left side.

Photos from Scotland| (top)

Scotland - Highlands

random Scotland photos On this travel I use a Casio EX-3500 camera with 3megapixel. I also get several pictures from other people from this journey. In the gallery you find them all sorted by day. You can follow the whole tour in pictures if you like.

I do two subsections for panorama photos. These are made with software on a pc by stitching some photos. In one section I have them as Quicktime Mov files to view them interactive, the other section contains them as JPEG files.


Photos from France| (top)

Loire und Normandy

random Loire photos On the Loire route I had similar Russian panorama beside my Casio digitally camera still another camera with 120° swiveling objective thereby. Low Tec without exposure meters. Unfortunately placed itself only afterwards raus, which had it a small defect and so had I unite pictures because of beam of light on the film to work over again. Fortunately the error is not particularly large and arose only with certain exposure times.

random Normandy photos With normandy route was used my new Casio Exilim P700. With this camera very good pictures, also at night, let make despite the small size. One can regard the result here now. In the menu on the left side it goes to the pictures.


Photos from Slovakia| (top)

Eine Reise in die Hohe Tatra

random slowakia photos This route in June 2005 was first on which I means Casio Exilim P700 tried out. The results were very good. Here and also in all other galleries however not all pictures of me are shot. I received pictures from all passengers. Partly digitally, partly similar, which became in scanned then.


Pictures from the Alps| (top)

Kärnten, Slowenien, Dolomiten

random Alps photos In september 2006 we take a private tour to The Alps in austria, slovenia and italy. These photos are from all participant of this journey. Jürgen shot analog, the rest of us use digital cameras. All panorama photos are created from single pictures at the computer by using a stitching software.



have fun!